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Winched Ferry & Ferry Cottage

It was not until the mid nineteenth century that a church was built in Govilon. Before then the Llanwenarth Parish stretched over both sides of the River Usk and residents in Govilon had to travel by ferry across the river to St Peter's Church. The ferry site was located at the end of Mill Lane. The river crossing was not without risk. It was reported on one occasion the ferry rope gave way and the passengers were carried down river to the bridge at Llanfoist.

The ferry was a wooden boat able to carry six passengers. It was pulled across by rope wound manually on the Govilon Side. The close links with the church is confirmed through the sum of £3 per year being granted out of church funds to pay for the ferry. The ferry was also popular for people travelling to Abergavenny from Blaenavon and Clydach as it was a shorter route than provided by the bridge at Llanfoist.

The last owner of the ferry was a Mr Dale and the ferry closed in 1955.

Ferry Cottage

A building has existed on this spot since 1706, though it is not clear how much of the original building still exists.

Winched Ferry & Ferry Cottage Photos

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