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Govilon Schools

British School

Situated in Cwm Lane it was a non-conformist school established in 1721 and owned by the Baptist chapel. It continued until the formation of the Government School Board. It is now a private house

The Old National School

Established in 1860 by the Church of England and later extended by the Rev George Grove. It was known as Llanwenarth Ultra Primary School, and was leased to the Monmouthshire County Council. In 1968, a new primary school was built in the Avenue and the old school is now known as the Robert Jefferies field centre for the Kettering Schools.

Govilon Primary School

Govilon Primary School was a small, village, non-denominational Local Authority maintained school, under the aegis of Monmouthshire County Council.

The building was on one floor with the Infant and Junior departments adjoining the school hall. The school had a large playing field with a football/rugby pitch, hard playground marked with a netball court and yard designs for pupils to enjoy, a separate pond area and woodland area.

The Infant and Junior Departments had separate entrances, clockrooms, toilets and play areas.

Govilon Primary School catered for both Infant and Junior children between the ages of 4 and 11. Pupils were divided into classes organised on the basis of age/key stage.

The school closed to pupils in July 2010. The school buildings were destroyed in a fire later that year.

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