Govilon War Memorial

Restoration & Re-Dedication

Govilon War Memorial

27th October 2004

War memorials stand at the heart of virtually every community in Wales, and not only are they a poignant reminder of the scale of losses endured by the people in two World Wars and numerous other conflicts, but collectively they are also a spectacular legacy of art and sculpture, which were the results of spontaneous and emotional response by bereaved families and communities on a scale never likely to be repeated.

Unfortunately because they are so familiar, War Memorials are often taken for granted. In many cases this has led to their neglect, or even worse their loss or damage through vandalism or theft.

This is what has happened to the War Memorial in Govilon, and the photographs clearly show that the works carried out in the past, have virtually desecrated the gardens as a place of quite reflection by those who visit.

Action needs to be taken to return the Memorial to its former state, which acts as a reminder to future generations of the price paid by so many for the freedom we all enjoy today.

I therefore ask the Community Council to reinstate the Govilon War Memorial.

Ivan Beatty

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