Govilon War Memorial

Restoration & Re-Dedication

Govilon War Memorial

2nd August 2005

Work has now started on the village War Memorial with the main trees felled on Monday 1st August 2005, sadly the tree in the corner (which gave shade to those seated on the bench) was partly rotten inside and had to be trimmed back, however I am assured that it will grow back.

The stone work is the next area to be cleaned and re-pointed with the pillar ‘caps’ being manufactured for replacement during the work programme, they will have a securing device fitted to prevent them being ‘lost’ in the future. This part of the schedule is to be completed by mid October, and as it constitutes the major area of work cannot be allowed to get behind and every effort will be made to ensure it does not. At this time the benches are being stripped, cleaned and painted/varnished.

The gates and railings will also be extensively cleaned, repaired & repainted by the mid October deadline, and the gates securely re-hung.

The road drainage was completed some time ago, which has stopped the water from running through the Memorial, which was part of the work required.

The Area Services Officer is confident that all works will be completed by the end of October 2005, and it is hoped that an inspection can be arranged for shortly after that time. It is felt by our village Ministers that a rededication of the Memorial should take place, so please make a note in your diary and come along to see our village War Memorial rededicated & restored on 11th November at 1100 hours.

Special thanks must go to Tom James/John Griffiths/Dale Roberts.

Ivan Beatty

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27th October 2004

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