St. Peter's Church, Llanwenarth Citra monumental inscriptions

Grave A52

In loving memory of Margaret, the beloved wife of David Watkins, Lodge Farm, Llwyndu died February 26th 1896 aged 44 years. Also of Eliza Jane, their daughter died June 4th 1879 aged 6 months. Also of the above David Watkins died March 26th 1912 aged 69 years
  • Location: Plot A - Left of Tower
  • Description: Headstone

The following people are associated with this grave:

Name Died Born Age Grave
Watkins, David 26/03/1912 1843 69 A52
Watkins, Eliza Jane 4/6/1879 1878 0 A52
Watkins, Margaret 26/2/1896 1852 44 A52
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