1891 census records

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Birth place County Country
Abbeydore Herefordshire England
Aberdeen Scotland Scotland
Abergavenny Monmouthshire Wales
Abersychan Monmouthshire Wales
Aberystruth Monmouthshire Wales
Aconbury Herefordshire England
All Saints Herefordshire England
Amyestry Herefordshire England
Avonmouth Somerset England
Backleton Herefordshire England
Backney? Herefordshire England
Bacton Herefordshire England
Barrs Court Herefordshire England
Barton St David Somerset England
Bath Somerset England
Battle Breconshire Wales
Beaufort Breconshire Wales
Beaufort Monmouthshire Wales
Bedminster Somerset England
Bedwellty Monmouthshire Wales
Begildy Radnorshire Wales
Berkeley Gloucestershire England
Bicknoller Somerset England
Birmingham Warwickshire England
Blaenavon Monmouthshire Wales
Blaina Monmouthshire Wales
Bockleton Worcestershire England
Boughrood Radnorshire Wales
Bradford Lancashire England
Brampton Herefordshire England
Brampton Abbots Herefordshire England
Brecon Breconshire Wales
Bristol Somerset England
Bristol St James Gloucestershire England
Bromsgrove Worcestershire England
Brynmawr Breconshire Wales
Caerphilly Glamorganshire Wales
Canon Pyon Herefordshire England
Cardiff Glamorganshire Wales
Castle Carey Somerset England
Castlemorton? Worcestershire England
Cefn Glamorganshire Wales
Celycwm? Carmarthenshire Wales
Clodach Herefordshire England
Clodock Herefordshire England
Clyro Radnorshire Wales
Clytha Monmouthshire Wales
Cookley Worcestershire England
Cradley Herefordshire England
Cradley Worcestershire England
Crewe Cheshire England
Crickhowell Breconshire Wales
Cwm Monmouthshire Wales
Cwm Avon Glamorganshire Wales
Cwmavon Monmouthshire Wales
Cwmbran Monmouthshire Wales
Cwmcarvan Monmouthshire Wales
Cwmcarvon Monmouthshire Wales
Cwmddu Breconshire Wales
Cwmdu Breconshire Wales
Cwmtillery Monmouthshire Wales
Cwmyoy Monmouthshire Wales
Dalwood Devon England
Damerham Wiltshire England
Devynock Breconshire Wales
Devynock Monmouthshire Wales
Ditchet Somerset England
Dorstone Herefordshire England
Dowlais Glamorganshire Wales
Dublin Ireland Ireland
Dudley Worcestershire England
Dymock Gloucestershire England
Dymock Herefordshire England
Earl's Barton Norfolk England
East Hundred Berkshire England
Eastnot Herefordshire England
Ebbw Vale Monmouthshire Wales
Ebbw Vlae Monmouthshire Wales
Exeter Devon England
Farnworth Lancashire England
Fishguard Pembrokeshire England
Fishponds Somerset England
Framton Dorset England
Frome Somerset England
Fwthog Herefordshire England
Garnddyrus Monmouthshire Wales
Garndyrus Monmouthshire Wales
Garway Herefordshire England
Garway Common Herefordshire England
Gilwern Breconshire Wales
Glasbury Breconshire Wales
Glazebury Herefordshire England
Golvilon Monmouthshire Wales
Goregetown Herefordshire England
Gorsley Gloucestershire England
Govilon Monmouthshire Wales
Grosmont Herefordshire England
Grosmont Monmouthshire Wales
Hambledon Berkshire England
Hay Breconshire Wales
Hay Radnorshire Wales
Hentlan Herefordshire England
Hereford Herefordshire England
Hinton Herefordshire England
Hirwaun Glamorganshire Wales
Homestead USA USA
Kerry Ireland Ireland
Kilday Ireland Ireland
Kilpeck Herefordshire England
King's Spice Herefordshire England
Kingsland Herefordshire England
Kington Herefordshire England
Kington Langley Wiltshire England
Kinnersley Herefordshire England
Knighton Herefordshire England
Knighton Radnorshire Wales
Ledbury Herefordshire England
Leominster Herefordshire England
Lion's Hall Herefordshire England
Little Hereford Herefordshire England
Liverpool Lancashire England
Llanavon Breconshire Wales
Llanbedr Breconshire Wales
Llanbister Radnorshire Wales
Llandegley Radnorshire Wales
Llandewi Cwm Breconshire Wales
Llandewy Rhydderch Monmouthshire Wales
Llandilo Monmouthshire Wales
Llandilo Graban Radnorshire Wales
Llandovery Carmarthenshire Wales
Llandrindod Radnorshire Wales
Llanellen Monmouthshire Wales
Llanelly Breconshire Wales
Llanfigan Breconshire Wales
Llanfihangel nr Usk Monmouthshire Wales
Llanfoist Monmouthshire Wales
Llangattock Breconshire Wales
Llangenny Breconshire Wales
Llangorse Breconshire Wales
Llangynidr Breconshire Wales
Llangynidr Monmouthshire Wales
Llanigan Breconshire Wales
Llanishen Monmouthshire Wales
Llanock Monmouthshire Wales
Llanover Monmouthshire Wales
Llansantfraed Monmouthshire Wales
Llansantfraid Monmouthshire Wales
Llansfyddid Breconshire Wales
Llanthewy Rhydderch Monmouthshire Wales
Llanthewy Skirryd Monmouthshire Wales
Llanthony Monmouthshire Wales
Llantilio Monmouthshire Wales
Llantilio Pertholey Monmouthshire Wales
Llantillio Pertholey Monmouthshire Wales
Llantisho? Monmouthshire Wales
Llanvapley Monmouthshire Wales
Llanvethrine Monmouthshire Wales
Llanvihangel Monmouthshire Wales
Llanvihangel Radnorshire Wales
Llanwenarth Monmouthshire Wales
Llanwenarth Citra Monmouthshire Wales
Llanwenarth Ultra Monmouthshire Wales
Llwynddu Monmouthshire Wales
London Middlesex England
Longstown Herefordshire England
Lysvine Breconshire Wales
Madley Herefordshire England
Malmesbury Wiltshire England
Manchester Lancashire England
Mannerch Flintshire Wales
Marden Herefordshire England
Mardiford Herefordshire England
Mardy Monmouthshire Wales
Martley Worcestershire England
Mbrameaton Somerset England
Merthyr Glamorganshire Wales
Merthyr Cynog Breconshire Wales
Middleton Radnorshire Wales
Monmouth Monmouthshire Wales
Much Birch Herefordshire England
Much Dewchurch Herefordshire England
Mynyddislwyn Monmouthshire Wales
Nailsea, Bristol Gloucestershire England
Nantybwch Breconshire Wales
Nantyglo Monmouthshire Wales
Nazor Herefordshire England
Neath Glamorganshire Wales
New Church W Monmouthshire Wales
Newland Monmouthshire Wales
Newport Monmouthshire Wales
Newtown Herefordshire England
Not Known Leicestershire England
Not Known Monmouthshire Wales
Not Known Pembrokeshire Wales
Not Known Radnorshire Wales
Not Known Somerset England
Old Pwlldu Monmouthshire Wales
On Sea ? At Sea
Orcop Herefordshire England
Pantybailen Monmouthshire Wales
Pembridge Staffordshire England
Pencoed Glamorganshire Wales
Pencoed Herefordshire England
Pencose Monmouthshire Wales
Penland Radnorshire Wales
Penrose Monmouthshire Wales
Penygraig Monmouthshire Wales
Peterchurch Herefordshire England
Peterstow Herefordshire England
Pilton Somerset England
Pittsburgh USA USA
Ploughfield Herefordshire England
Pontrilas Herefordshire England
Pontypool Monmouthshire Wales
Pontypridd Glamorganshire Wales
Pudleston Herefordshire England
Pwlldu Monmouthshire Wales
Raglan Monmouthshire Wales
Rhadyr Radnorshire Wales
Rhayader Radnorshire Wales
Rhyader Radnorshire Wales
Rhymney Glamorganshire Wales
Rhymney Monmouthshire Wales
Riddleton Dorset England
Roggett Monmouthshire Wales
Roskfield Monmouthshire Wales
Ross Herefordshire England
Rowlstone Herefordshire England
Rus Kington Lincolnshire England
Scranton USA USA
Sheffield Yorkshire England
Sirhowy Monmouthshire Wales
Skenfrith Herefordshire England
Smethwick Staffordshire England
Somerton Somerset England
Sparkford Somerset England
St. Donats Glamorganshire Wales
St. Walnuts Herefordshire England
St. Weonards Herefordshire England
Stapleton Gloucestershire England
Stoke Wiltshire England
Stoke Dameral Devon England
Strensham Worcestershire England
Streton Shropshire England
Swansea Glamorganshire Wales
Talgarth Breconshire Wales
Talley? Carmarthenshire Wales
Tenby Pembrokeshire Wales
Tilla Breconshire Wales
Tilla Monmouthshire Wales
Todmorton Lancashire England
Trdegar Monmouthshire Wales
Tredegar Monmouthshire Wales
Treethin Monmouthshire Wales
Trevethin Monmouthshire Wales
Tumble Monmouthshire Wales
TyNewydd Glamorganshire Wales
Usk Monmouthshire Wales
W Virginia USA USA
Waenavon Monmouthshire Wales
Walterstone Herefordshire England
Warminster Wiltshire England
Welsh Newton Herefordshire England
Welshpool Montgomeryshire Wales
Weobley Herefordshire England
Westbury Wiltshire England
Whittington Herefordshire England
Whittlebury Norfolk England
Wigtonshire? Scotland Scotland
Winastowe Monmouthshire Wales
Winchcomb Gloucestershire England
Winterbourne Dorset England
Withington Herefordshire England
Woodgreen Staffordshire England
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