1891 census records

Records with birth county 'Worcestershire'

Name Age Position Status House
Amyes, William 37 years Head Married 1 The Cottage
Badham, Alice 3 years Daughter Single 2 Post Office Row
Badham, James 1 year Son Single 2 Post Office Row
Bishop, Olive 45 years Daughter Married 1 Troedyrhiw Cottage
Charles, Emma 24 years Wife Married 1 Pwlldu Great House
Harper, John 60 years Head Married 1 Wilden Cottage
Harper, Joseph 40 years Son Single 1 Wilden Cottage
Harper, Mary A 59 years Wife Married 1 Wilden Cottage
Horton, Richard 46 years Head Married 12 Upper Rank (includes 13)
Jones, Eliza 45 years Wife Married 1 Cadfor Farm
Williams, Delilah 64 years Head Widow 2 Station Cottage
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