1891 census records

Records with birth county 'Glamorganshire'

Name Age Position Status House
Bartlett, John J 3 years Son Single 1 Twyn yr Allws
Bevan, Eliza 44 years Wife Married 1 Glanbaiden Lodge
Brangwynne, Annie G 15 years Daughter Single 1 Rose Cottage
Brangwynne, Robert J 12 years Son Single 1 Rose Cottage
Davies, John 16 years Son Single 1 Brook Cottage
Dolling, Edith 14 years Daughter Single 3 Forge Cottage
Dolling, Ethel 10 years Daughter Single 3 Forge Cottage
Dolling, Herbert J 41 years Head Married 3 Forge Cottage
Dolling, Mary 38 years Wife Married 3 Forge Cottage
Edwards, Mary 22 years Neice Single 1 Glanbaiden Lodge
Emery, Charlotte A 22 years Wife Married 3 Canalside Cottage
Godfrey, Jane L 53 years Head Single 1 Derwendeg House
Harris, David 51 years Head Married 1 Mount Pleasant
Jones, Amy E 5 years Grandaughter Single 4 Canalside Cottage
Jones, Arthur L 40 years Head Married 1 Oak Cottage
Jones, Evan J 1 year Grandson Single 1 Pentwyn Farm
Jones, Jane 26 years Visitor Single 1 Hope House
Lewis, George E 17 years Boarder Single 3 Long Rank Pwlldu
Morgan, Frederick 6 years Grandson Single 1 Brook Farm
Morgan, Gwladys 7 years Grandaughter Single 1 Brook Farm
Morgan, Oliver 16 years Son Single 1 Prosper Cottage Upper
Parry, Thomas 34 years Head Married 29 Long Rank Pwlldu
Peddle, Charles 9 years Son Single 1 Allws Cottage
Peddle, Georgina B 7 years Daughter Single 1 Allws Cottage
Williams, Eliza 27 years Wife Married 2 Queens Row
Williams, Elizabeth 36 years Head Married 3 Mill Road Cottage
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