1881 census records

Records with birth county 'Worcestershire'

Name Age Position Status House
Amyes, Benjamin 17 years Brother Unmarried 1 Govilon Hill House
Amyes, Thomas 34 years Head Married 1 Govilon Hill House
Ashton, Fanny 30 years Servant Unmarried 1 Llanwenarth House
Harper, John 50 years Head Married 19 Govilon
Harper, Joseph 29 years Son Unmarried 19 Govilon
Harper, Mary A. 49 years Wife Married 19 Govilon
Parry, Josiah C. 14 years Son 2 Nr Station
Stankle, Jacob 68 years Lodger (Head) Unmarried 4 Gardeners Arms
Vihara, William 27 years Servant Unmarried 1 Llanwenarth House
Williams, Delilah 54 years Head Married 4 Nr Station
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