1871 census records

Records with birth county 'Worcestershire'

Name Age Position Status House
Bigham, Thomas 29 years Boarder Married 3 Cottage Houses
Dudley, Sara 2 years Son 16 Govilon Village
Dudley, Thomas 4 years Son 16 Govilon Village
Hall, Nathaniel 24 years Lodger Unmarried 1 Govilon Village
Harper, John 40 years Head Married 14 Govilon Village
Harper, Joseph 19 years Son Unmarried 14 Govilon Village
Harper, Mary A 40 years Wife Married 14 Govilon Village
Horton, Richard 26 years Head Married 29 Long Rank
Thomas, Elizabeth 44 years Wife Married 4 Dan y ryw
Thomas, Morgan 60 years Head Married 1 Old Blacks Shop
Williams, Alfred 28 years Head Married 2 Mill House
Williams, Mabel E 6 months Daughter 2 Mill House
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