1871 census records

Records with birth county 'Ireland'

Name Age Position Status House
Crawly, Michael 30 years Visitor Unmarried 1 Puddler Arms
Dudley, Henry 32 years Head Married 16 Govilon Village
Dudley, Sara 28 years Wife Married 16 Govilon Village
Goswell, James 32 years Head Married 1 Police Station
Jones, Robert 26 years Visitor Unmarried 2 Shop
Kiel, Thomas 51 years Head Married 1 Incline House
Mcleann, Michael 46 years Head Married 9 Upper Row
Muloy, Elizabeth 50 years Wife Married 5 Govilon Village
Muloy, Stephen 55 years Head Married 5 Govilon Village
Sulway, Margaret 84 years Lodger Widow 1 Govilon Village
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