1871 census records

Records with an age range of 81 and over

Name Age Position Status House
Davis, John 81 years Head Widower 2 Prospect Cottage
Evans, Johanna 81 years Head Widow 3 Wildon Forge
Fisher, Margaret 86 years Mother In Law Widow 1 Incline House
Hafford, Phoebe 90 years Wife Married 8 Long Rank
Jones, William 88 years Head Married 6a Queen Row
Mathews, Martha 84 years Mother Widow 1 Rose Cottage
Phillips, Thomas 85 years Father Widower 1 Three Cocks Inn
Sulway, Margaret 84 years Lodger Widow 1 Govilon Village
Williams, Elizabeth 86 years Head Widow 7 Upper Row
Wintle, Jane 84 years Wife Married 1 River Bridge Cottage
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