1841 census records

Eliza Watkins (Female Servant)

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 20 years
  • Occupation: Female Servant
  • Address: 1 Great House
  • Born in county? No

Other people at 1 Great House

Name Age Occupation
Bland, Jane 25 years Female Servant
Evans, Thomas 25 years Male Servant
Hay, Lady Mary 50 years Independent
Hearnson?, Jean 75 years Independent
Jobin, Bridget 25 years Female Servant
Mosses, Mary 20 years Female Servant
Nicholson, 25 years Female Servant
Rapier, Christiana Mary 36 years Unknown
Rapier, Eliza Mary 3 years Unknown
Rapier, George 5 months Unknown
Rapier, Jean Ella 4 years Unknown
Rapier, Julia 18 months Unknown
Rapier, Matilda 2 years Unknown
Rapier, William? 37 years Independent
Watkins, Eliza 20 years Female Servant
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