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Post Office Details

Details of Govilon Post Office are contained within historical directories, which provide information about the village and its services.

First mention of the post office is contained within Slater's Directory of Monmouthshire (1868). This describes the post office as being run by Ebenezer Williams.

In 1881, census records show that Ebenezer's wife - Eliza, now widowed, has taken over as Post Office Mistress. This is reflected in the Kelly's Directory of Monmouthshire (1891) which describes the post office as still being run by Mrs Eliza Williams, now 75 years old. Find more about Eliza in our 1891 census records.

By 1901 Kelly's Directory shows that the post office had expanded its services, and was now run by Mr Joseph Davies.

Post Office Photos

All our photographs - taken between 1900 and 1910 have Joseph Davies' name proudly labeled above the door.

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